star wars info and star wars links


yo was up guys its me this site is all about star wars and info about star wars sooo you can take a look at some of my pages and learn alot about the star wars world, till then see ya.


www.starwarsbattlefront .com/google


well thats can find some more cool links to sites every week so see ya then!                                      




4 Responses to star wars info and star wars links

  1. clank35 says:

    Hey Kyle. I know you dont check your site anymore but I hope you see this. What happened between you and Micheal. I wish you guys never got into that fight. I want to talk to you but now I cant. Also if you want to get Micheal back really bad tell people his “SECERET” (his dream). It came up today at lunch and he said that if I told anyone he would kill me. Thats the oly way to get him back. I hope I get to talk to you soon. (I might sit with you at lunch “IF” micheal lets me).

    Wars4 comment: omg!!!! thank u for the info clank. i might make up with him but the fight was REALY i should tell ppl his dream so we can be friends again.anyway,wat he did was realy hurtfull to me.i also wish u could sit with me and johnathen. by the way,ur one of the ppl whos nice to him.i wish that fight never happened too.but he did report me i no that cousin had the same problem with him.I loved runescape and no hes blabbing about how great he tell u wat sit with me on thu or wed “IF” micheal lets u.

  2. clank35 says:

    Also he might not have reported you he might have changed you pass? ill Sit with you. I wont let micheal see me. Actually I have and Idea! See you tomorrow.

    Wars4 coment: yea he did not i told u why on ur site ok cool

  3. Gibbous says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Gibbous

    Wars4 comment: thx! what do you mean you missed the point?

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