THE NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg!! a new star wars movie is comeing out soon!! on Augest 13, star wars the clone wars is in theaters. if u ever saw the origanel its awesome u can watch it on you tube, heres a link. . Thn type in star wars clone wars part 1 and then theres 10 parts.Anyway,the new movie is totaly remasterd and guess wat???? ANIKEN HAS A APPRENTIS!!!!! the movie is awesome and alot of epic battles. theres tones of new charecters to!!!! ill put some pics of a guy named Captin Rex. well thats all comment if u have any questions


o yea and to see some of the trailors got to It will give u trailors about the movie also cheack out the epic battles vodeo on the star wars site.




 this is a glimps of captian rex!




2 Responses to THE NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. skywalkerismydaddy says:

    I can’t wait for the next movie man! I just wrote a short story about the EU part of Star Wars, could you tell me what you think?

    Wars4 comment: sure ill tell you what i think. ill just need to read it and ill get back to you 😉

  2. skywalkerismydaddy says:

    lol it’s on btw

    Wars4 comment: ok cool

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