Star Wars’s next Aniversary update!

First of all could you please look at my two other posts called the new Star Wars movie and the new movie update, that would rock thank guys.

Hello searchers, i just got some news about the next aniversary of star wars. I know that it will take place on september 19, 2010. because its that late, they have to make the plans for a upcomeing star wars movie. or another game. i also know thta there will be a parad in los angelas the day of the aniversary. George Lucas and some of the cast members from the trilogy r gonna be at the parade!!!!!!!! The star wars clone wars will be a huge premire when it comes out!!!! as the premire of star wars episode 1, it had a huge premire becuse the team finaly set another movie. since its been long since one has been out, the clone wars will be a HUGE hit!!!

ill ahve more news on the aniversary and the new star wars movie in time.



 these r 2 pics of wat was part of the 30th anniversary parade.




Thats all for now may the force be with you – Wars4


One Response to Star Wars’s next Aniversary update!

  1. Jarkie says:

    Ok wars heres some tips that i think will help you with your site
    1) always use capitals on things that need them you seem to use lowercase letters alot.
    2) try to spell things correctly so people can read them.
    3) spell things out dont use text stuff like brb lol or just usuing a letter.
    4) when your making a new post or page try not to rush making take your time so it looks good.
    I think that will help you with your site
    – Jarkie

    War4 comment: Ok Jarkie, thanks for the tips. if you want, you can put in a post when ever you want but follow my rules to do it. thanks Jarkie

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