My two new authers, and the new movie update!

hello searchers, just a reminder to check out some of my awesome pages like a galaxy far far away and the word for all of my webb site news. now down to the real topic

 i have added two admins to my site, they are JARKIE, AND CLANK35. soo they will be helping me post some stuff to make this site bigger and better.

ok anyway, u all know about the new clone wars movie, well do i have BIG news for you. i just saw the star wars website and it said that almost every jedi in the star wars world will be in the movie. some will be in their own battle!!!ther are many jedi and you get to see all of them. i also have news on what new clone troopers are in the movie. theres captians,the jet troopers will be in the movie alot, rocket troopers, and a rand new awesome clone called a dark trooper. it is in the battlefront 2 game. anyway, be sure to check out those new clones and those cool jedi heres a list of some of them:

Plo koon

Eath koth

Adi galleia

Ki adi mundie

Kit fitso

Master yoda

Mace windu

sasee tin

Ayla sucura


and much much more!!

thats all for now, may the force be with u -wars4

just thought i threw ya a link:


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