hello searchers. guess what???? Im gonna have a 400 hits party on club penguin. my buddy and main man, clank35, is going to post it up on his site and im gonna post it too. anyway, its going to be huge we will play tons of games and it will be so much fun!!!! look for this penguin when u get to the server

Delta4949 ok look on clanks site to get MORE the info. 🙂




Ok also me and my buddy clank35, did a cool music video called delta4949 and clank35 song. its the song run it back again. you can take a look at it on his site its amazing comment on it to!!!

thats all for now, may the force be with you- wars4:)


One Response to MY 400 HITS PARTY + NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!

  1. edlu says:

    I think I can make it! But Im very sorry my blogroll is over full and I cant add anyone right now. But I could add you maybe next month, hope you understand!


    Wars4 comment: ok thanks dude, i’v been wanting to meet you for a while i LOVE your site, but i was hoping if maybe you can help me get some hits for my site that would rock. Also i understand, everyones blogroll gets full, Thats all


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