a brand new poll, and the brand new star wars game!

hello people, THERES A BRAND NEW POLL. here it is and i relay hope you guys will comment and answer it. thx ill also tell you my pick!!

 if you were a clone trooper, what would you be?

1: commander


3:heavy trooper

my pick is the clone commander

ok thats the poll, now down to the next topic. as you all no, my rates and tips page has the new star wars game on it, well im here to tell you that i got some news for you, plus some cool levels. ok,so in this game, darth vader as a apprentis and is sent to destroy the jedi. you play as him going from planet to planet destroying stormtroopers that turn on you. theres also a level when you be darth vader and pull a star destroyer out of the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!1

look at this pic: ( just a drawing but the real thing is the coolest!!!)


anyway, this game has the most best graphics ever!!!!! and its realistic too. if you force push a stormtrooper into the wall, the wall will break or explode!!!! and also everything is useable, you can take a battle cruiser in a hanger aby and use it to keill a group of enimies!!!!!!!!

well thats all for now, may the force be with you-wars4


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