Two days until my 400 hits party!

Hello everyone, as you know, there are 2 more days until the party is here for my 400 hits. I hope you saw the invitation, im not showing it again, but ill put the infromation here

when: June 21, 2008

where: frostbite (american server)

starting point: the cove. wear summer clothes

why: 400 HITS!!!!!! YAY!

we will play sled raceing, find four, dance at the night club, drink coffe, and much more. also, 3 lucky penguins will have a chance for me to add you to my friends list!!!!!!!

also, i hope you guys have been looking for me on club penguin. im at the forset at blizzared. if blizzared full, go to the forest on mamoth.

thats all for now, may the force be with you-wars4;)


7 Responses to Two days until my 400 hits party!

  1. clank35 says:

    If you ever decided to go back to your old theme here is you headder.

  2. Jarkie says:

    hey looks like u can almost make this your 500 hits party also id love to make some funny pics with u on cp sometime

    Wars4 comment: thx lol. i wonder if we could do them tomorrw!!!

  3. ichigo460 says:

    Hey Wars. I am still considering putting you on my blogroll and Blogs Recommended By Me. But do some Kewl stuff on your blog and i will put you there. I would like to go to the party but I don’t do cp anymore, so ya.

  4. ichigo460 says:

    WAIT!!! I have a proposition for ya. If you show me how to do that Little ninja that writes your name I will put you on my Blogroll and the other one! Just tell me on my blog, k?

  5. Jarkie says:

    ok im done with my page for now

  6. l00t says:

    cool ill try to be there!!!

    Wars4 comment: awsome!

  7. ichigo460 says:

    Hey Wars. Thnx for the tip on the Ninja. I even have a Wizard!!! They are really zool. Zool is cool, but COOLER THAN COOL. I put you on the blog rolls. well see ya!

    WARS4 COMMENT: im sooo glad i can help. i saw i like the wizerd person!

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