My 500 Hits Party and the Summer Sweepstakes Winner!

OK FIRST OFF, we finaly have a winner for the summery sweepstakes i had on my site news page. now, you van read it on the page, a galexy far far away… its posted. ITS AMAZING!!

ok guys, since the 400 hits party didnt go so well, im makeing a 500 hits party instead, no invitation though heres the information.

were: frostbite

start: dance club

when: sun. june 22

time: 12:00 cp time

we will do tons of stuf and this time i hope to se people there. REMEMBER ITS TOMMORW. I CANT HAVE IT ANY OTHER DAY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT

also, i think i solved the problem on why people didnt come. the invitation said sat june 22 but it meant to say june 21 so i bet poeople got mixed up there. so go to my 500 hits party on june 22. see you there!


3 Responses to My 500 Hits Party and the Summer Sweepstakes Winner!

  1. l00t says:


    Wars4: ill figure somethin out

  2. l00t says:

    WARS CAN U CHANGE THE TIME TO: 8:00 to day?????? i can make it then! or u can come on now!!! im on:
    server: frozen
    room:snow forts
    time: NOW!!!

    Wars4 comment: OKOKOKOK im on cp right now were you told me to go

  3. l00t says:

    8:00 pm PST that is…
    Wars4 comment: ok 8:00 pst got it!

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