Contest and The new Movie Update

Hey guys, im haveing a contest for the 500 hits party, since it didnt go so well. anyway, to win this contest, you have to gues the number im thinking. its between 400 and 500. comment me and tell me what you think if you win, you wil:

1) get to be on my blogroll forever

2) get your site advertised on my next 10 posts!

3) get to be an admin for this site.

4) get to meet me and you can be my buddy!

ok thats the Prizes you guys would get if you win!!! i think you guys all no the rules. These are also the prizes for the first place winners. theres no prizes for second or third. the only prize for that is you can be on my blogroll forever!

Ok now, i have some news for the new movie. the movie will be changed to augest 15. thats when it will come out. There is also BRAND NEW! planets than the clones will explore.there are also more trailiors and interviews with the creator of the clone wars (not george lucas) at There is also going to be NEW jedi that are featrued in the movie. as you remember if you saw the origanel star wars clone wars. there was dark women, more of general grevious (featured in wars), and this other girl that has an extremly LONG NAME!!!!

heres a pic of her fighting adican skywalker:


Anyways thats all from me until next time *Wars4*


2 Responses to Contest and The new Movie Update

  1. bogabo says:

    well i’m gonna guess 467.

    wars4 comment: ok thx for the vote. welll, thats not the number im looking for. but ill keep you on my blogroll forever!! thx for voteing:)

  2. Jarkie says:

    um im gonna guess 7 also comment on the page i made here and tell me what you think about it.

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