New Gaming Update and LOL VIDEO!

Hello peoples, i have some news for the new game. first off, you can use anything to attack your enimes. you can even use a ship!!!!!! there are also new planets in the game. and i d0o now that you will  use darth vadder to pull te star destroyer out of the sky. BOOM. the game is on almost any station except for the play station 1. i also now the p[ersons name. itsTFU. theres also new powers and combos for the lightsaber and the force. the are completly advanced!!!! theres new ncharecters as well and you get to play as darth vader at the first level. you see darth vader goes to kasheek and finds a boy that becomes his mystery apprentis.i dont have the names of the people but i do have the names of  the places you will be going to:

1: kashyeek

2: rexis prime


4:TIE fighter construction facility

5:cloud city

also type in:

force unleashed gaming summery. then clikc the first likn. you will see what happens.

ok i saw this hilarious video on you tube. type in death sta cafe and a lego vodeo will come up. click it and watch the video. you will be laughing REALY hard. trust me. me and my weird brother watched it it was hilarous!!


One Response to New Gaming Update and LOL VIDEO!

  1. ichigo460 says:

    Hey Wars. I would love to be a admin on ur site. Me email is It will be awesome. O and I’m REALLY ReaLLY REAlly sorry i didn’t make it to ur prty. I was at a friends house and I totally forgot. But I will make it up to you. I will think of a way. I promise!!

    wars4: o ichigo thx u. and i understand. you dont have to make anything up. saying yes to being an admin made me feel better all ready 🙂

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