if you have star wars battlefron 2 and have multiplayer online conection for the system. then join the 97th clone squad. we are strong and powerfull. we are the best in the army. we serve in the republic. we are not afraid. join us today on instant action on the multiplayer connection. come to the planet geonosis and find us makeing a plan at our main command post. we are the founders. we rule.


bly, bamarack, cody, tk- 679, alpha 56, delta 124. wars4, navo, tiranis, and YOU!

yes, this is real. i have members and we call our selves the 59th clone squad. join us today;)


4 Responses to JOIN THE 97th CLONE SQUAD TODAY

  1. sony999 says:

    hey wars4!! Sony999 here. youve come 2nd in the commenting contest!! congrats!! ill EMail you about your prize!!
    cya 4 now!!

    wars4 comment: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok should i give u my e mail adress?

  2. sony999 says:

    yep your on my blogroll.

    wars4 comment: cool!!!;)

  3. jetcp says:

    Awsome! i LOVE battlefront 2 online i really want to join im good. MY user name is: SHADOW but i need to know these things:

    when? (day, time, month)

    whats your user name?

    and for your settings on geonosis can you pick what side your on or do you have it on auto-asighn?

    when i join shouldi show you a demenstration of how good i am to prove that im worthy of joining?

    THANKS and cool site!

    wars4 comment: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to make a member! wat is your favorite team? i just need to mknow these things lol. anyway, our next metting is comeing up soon. ill update it so u knoq when thx for visiting. ok my username is wars4, we use for empiore or rebels, we use rebels. for republic and CIS, we use republic. and sure, u can give me a deamonstration and the squad will see if yourt worthy

  4. jetcp says:

    ok awsome! im really god because when im not online when im on 1player my rank is general. war54 you rock!

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