my awesome new admin and the new star wars website

hello peoples, i have just added a new admin. its ICHIGO!!. he is now party of this site:). so now i have 3 authers for this site.

now, i have some brand new stuff to tell u. the star wars website has changed its theme to an even better shows all the trailiors that come out for the movie. it shows news about the force unleashed game. and it also has cool mimi games. the one thats out on the site is callled “sharpshooter”. you play as a clone trooper blasting droids in kamino. trust me its kinda boring. i also have some news about the new movie. the premire is gonna be held in los angeles. the movie’s storyline is on the star wars website. it aslso has a countdown clock for u to know when the movies gonna come out. it also tells you a brefing about every mission the clones and jedi will be faceing. the planet that they will be mostly on is tatooine. i also know that the two jedi have to rescue jabba the hut’s lost son. they dont know whos holding him

thats all for now may the force be with you- wars4:)


One Response to my awesome new admin and the new star wars website

  1. Jarkie says:

    how come ichigos name is before mine on the header! i came here before him

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