im back, movie update, and the biggest fan of this site ever!!!!!!!

hello party people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry i left so long, but im back with more news for all u star wars fans. ok so the new movie is comeing out real soon!! if u havent seen the site its awesome! the commeing attractions for the movie rare finaly in theaters! it looks amazing. all i know is that jaba the hutts son has been kidnapped and anikan and his apprentis have to find him. it looks cool!

now, i was checking out the comments and found the most biggest fan of this site!!!!! he knows everything about star wars. he said awesome comments an di was sooo ahppy to answer them.i want to give a shout out to JETCP!. thx for visiting this site and u can find your star wars news here! and plz plz plz plz plz (means please) keep commenting! well, thats all for now, keep commenting and visiting.

-wars4 😉

p.s: and the most badest thing happenes. my online profile got erased completely and i cant do online play now. im b=very very sorry. i am badly sorry! but dont be a downer. play battlefron for fun. and thanks jetcp. i hope u visit still. comment me dude if u r still a fan and ill answer any questionsu have. thanks jetcp 🙂


2 Responses to im back, movie update, and the biggest fan of this site ever!!!!!!!

  1. jetcp says:

    thanks! i put you on my blogroll on my site and i love star wars too! 🙂 the new moive looks cool and my favorite charicter(s) in star wars are the clones/stormtroopers, and jedi’s and sith a little bit

    wars4 comment:awesome! i love the clones. my favorite class is the sharpshooter. i think the movie wiill be awesome!

  2. zanman200 says:

    everyone check out my new post at my star wars fan club. i just opened up a new contest.

    email me questions about the site at:

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