the new star wars game!

please visit thx guys. anyway, the new game is almost here!!!!! its comeing in september so keep an eye out for it. i saw a little game play trailior and it ways amazing! everything is moveable with alot of attacks. the attacks are:

force push

force lightning

force chock

force pull

i herd that they are hard to control. ill have the full update when i play the game at the page “star wars games and tips”. i alos know that the game is set between episode 3  and 4 when the clones turn on the jedi. im not sure why th charectur u play as kills the stormtroopers. he is darth vaders secret apprentis. and get this! u play as darth vader at the beginning of the game! as the war rages on in kasheyyk, vader starts looking for a apprentis and finds a strong boy. thats all im tellin ya. i hope u guys play it and give me a rateing of it;)

thats all for now, may the force be with you- warts4:)


3 Responses to the new star wars game!

  1. jetcp says:

    I think i might know why he kills stormtroopers because my freind told me that darth vader found him on kashyyk and made him his apprentice and darth vader told him to kill anyone who gets in his way. BUT thats what my freind told me its not 100% confirmed yet.

  2. Jarkie says:

    hey wars wanna see a pic of me in real life???

    wars4:yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i checked your saite but no pics came up. my comp is busted. anyway ill check but i cant wait. were can i see it!

  3. Jarkie says:

    here it is it’s from my school play the Wizard of Oz I played the Scarecrow here i am what do you think of how i look???

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