hey guys, ill be on vacation on thursday, july 24. ill be at new jersy for 3 days and 4 nights. when i get back. ill start blogging all the new star wars stuffs. ;), also, im gonna make a contest when i get back. i dont have internet connection in the hotel because

1: theres no computers

2:im gonna be in the hotels pool all day drinking vinalle shakes

3:at night, im going ot the theme park near the hotel

my family ha sbeen going for 13 years! its a vacation tradition. if u comment ill get back to u when i get home. have a great week!                                        



2 Responses to vacation!

  1. Jarkie says:

    what do you think of the picture of me?

    wars4 comment:i commented on your site telling u wat i think

  2. jetcp says:

    WARS4 i need your e-mail adress to make you an admin so whats your e-mail so i can make you an admin?

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