new movie update and new admin search!

ok guys guess wat! the new movie is gonna come out soon! i cant wait. i finaly got some info thats true and some that i predicted. ok jaba the hutts son has been kidnapped and aniken and his new aprrentis have to find him within a short amount of time. if they dont, the hutt clan will ptu a bounty on them. obi-wan kenobie goes to search for count dukoo. im not sure why. i also know that there are epic and i mean EPIC!!! battles around the galexy!

also, check out the origanel clone wars. go to your tube and search star wars clone wars part 1 and you will find the whole series from part 1 to i think part 14. enjoy it.

now for my next announcement. im haveing a new admin contest!!!!!! im searching for a new admin. i want a total of 5. its my last admin. here are the rules

1:must have a website.

2:comment me telling me about your site and there MUST!!!!!! be a link to your site. if ther eisint you will not be an admin.

3:put your e-mail adress in the comment

4:ill check out your site. comment telling you how your website is and wat i think. then ill post the winner!!!!

ok get to it. and keep visiting 🙂          

               may the force be with you-wars4(pce)


2 Responses to new movie update and new admin search!

  1. jetcp says:

    THIS IS FOR WARS4 hey its me jetcp i was wondering, can i be an admin…..
    oh and dont frorget to post about the new clone wars action figures that cmae out 12:00 last night at toys ‘r’ us there on sale at toys ‘r’ us and at k-mart they have a star wars bye 1 get one free deal! 🙂

    wars4 comment:awesome! ok your gonna be my new admin because you know alot about star wars!!! also when i get your e mail and put u as an admin, start writing the new action figur post right away. you can wrte other star wars post too. enjoy. give me your e mail.

  2. jetcp says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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