i got my new admin, and the new star wars game

please veiw all the clone trooper classes page. theres some new stuff by jetcp.

ok guys my new admin and his name is JETCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot! he knows so much about star wars and when i get his e mail, hes gonna write a super cool post! congrates jetcp! heres a link to his site for all you guys. www.jetcp.wordpress.com

ok now the new star wars game is gonna be comeing out VERY! soon.its comeing out at september 11 and its gonna be awesome! i also got some info from jetcp about why the player u use kills stormtroopers when there on his side. i mean realy look wat he does to them:



its sad. but the info i got said that those stormtroopers were the last to survive the huge attack on the jedi. they stayed loyal and stayed on kamino working to make new clones. but how this turns to the game is that the character u play ashunts down the remaining jedi and clones thta help them out. also theres multi combat for multiplayer. unlock defferent jedi and fight with them! o and i found a pic of the player u play as look!


he is awesome!

thats all for now-wars4


2 Responses to i got my new admin, and the new star wars game

  1. jetcp says:

    Hey wars4, im having troble making a new admin on my site so can you give me the steps on the bottom of this comment?

  2. jetcp says:

    Hey wars4 i got a new laptop so im using my parents e-mail so ill be making one soon but for now here is this one: debijtrent@yahoo.com my parent doesnt want the e-mail on a comment lol. dont approve it. debijtrent@yahoo.com

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