my new admin forst post and the new star wars game!

the wait is almost over for the brand new star wars video game!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to play it. ill have it posted on cheat and tips page! the game has awesome graphics but it lacks one thing. for me its keeping the star wars storyline in order. in the game star wars bnattlefront 2, on one of the levels in rise of the empire, u go to kamino killing the remains of the clones anddestroy kaminos main power! i dont know but maybe thats what the peopl are trying to perfect! ill see when it comes out.

now how bout that post by jetcp! i also saw a new clone wars helmate!!!!!! i might get it. i live near toys r us and it was crowded! i saw out my window everyone was carrying clone wars stufff. star wars is back!!!!! also cool post ichigo! keep it up guys.



2 Responses to my new admin forst post and the new star wars game!

  1. clank35 says:

    Hey havent talked to you in a wile. Are you going anywhere for the summer? If not are you doing anything really really cool?

    wars4 comment: ive been very good lately! i just got back from vacation and in spetembe rin going to disney world for 7 days. then for my birthday, im going to hershy park. hows yuor summer going?

  2. ichigo460 says:

    At least we all are having a good summer. I tell you, i went on three amazing and life changeing trips two of those with a band. But my friend is staying home alone. We try to take him to movies but i dont know…. and Clank sup. Long time no see.

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