the gang of “the best star wars site” is gonna be on cp today

hello people! its me wars4 and the gang! we just wanted to tell you that some of use might be on cp alll day! i know i will!!!! heres the info for were im gonna be. im not sure about the other admins. well look:

were: crystal

what am i gonna wear: drumsticks, black checkerbourd shoes, jean jacket, the tiw with the red and yellow swirls, blue winter hat, and last my red sunglasses!

look for me ill be on alllll day. ill mostly be hanging around the cove at crystal. o and admins listen up, if your gonna be on cp, go to crystal at the cove ok thx ill maybe meet u guys on cp later!


6 Responses to the gang of “the best star wars site” is gonna be on cp today

  1. Jarkie says:

    in the pic of me i sent you could u tell how old i was???

    wars4 comment:hmmmmmmm maybe like 9 or 10?

  2. Jarkie says:

    no try 11 or 12 im turing 12 in septemper

    wars4 comment: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no way cool!

  3. Jarkie says:

    how old are you???

    wars4 comment: im 11 im turning 12 in october

  4. Jarkie says:

    cool if u saw me in person you could tell im 11

    wars4 comment: cool ill try to put a pic of me. im kinds small for my age lol

  5. Jarkie says:

    is clank 11 too???

    wars4 comment: hes 12 i belive

  6. Jarkie says:

    cool were will u put the pic??? also check my site

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