a new poll and the buzz!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys check the age all the clone trooper classes, Jetcp gave me some info about some commanders

 The BUZZ about Star Wars has gotten BIGGER!!! I watch alot of tv and the commercials are out about it. Also there’s a countdown clock at the Star Wars website for the new movie, So im gonna put one also so check my site for the relese, when it does relese, im gonna put up a huge post saying cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

time until clone wars:11 days

now heres a poll to celebrate the return of star wars!!!!!

what movie do u like in the star wars saga?





also, im gonna have a poll about the movie when i see it. also if u do comment me and give it a rateing on the page rate my site. also the next party is at 1000 hits!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to a new poll and the buzz!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jarkie says:

    I think this movie is gonna be really big and make alot because alot of people could see it Teens cause they like the other movies Kids Cause it computer animated probly not as violent and adults cause they grew up with Star Wars I may go see it I dunno.

  2. wars4 says:

    i see what your saying star wars is comein back, u decide to see it. i wont make u

  3. jetcp says:

    I am so seeing this movie! and im seeing it the day it comes out with my freind! and my favorite episode is probably episode 2 & 3 because it has clone troopers (clone troopers are my favorite charicters)

  4. Jarkie says:

    oh no its not that i dont want to see it im just really busy

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