hey guys, its me, wars4. this post is to determine if your were a sargent, colonel, general, cammander, or a commando, a.r.c tropper and more!!!!!!!!!!! so what i want u viewers to do is comment me if your were ever in an army.Real life army or club penguin army, or even a RUNESCAPE ARMY! so tell me your rank what u and only u do in the army and ill determine your star wars rank. also ill give u a super cool name.also, give me  what u want to be eaither a general a colonel, a commander, a comando, a lutenint, a soldier  or any other army rank. ill determine what your rank is.


i have been in the army blank. my rank in that army is blank.what i do in that army is blank. i would like to be a blank

say that sentence by filling in the blanks in a comment. put it in your own words and ill comment back to u saying what your rank is. (admins can do this as well). well thats all for now


countdown to star wars movie:9 days!


6 Responses to ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. jetcp says:

    I have been in the army(s): acp, nacho, rpf, uav, fever/watex, iw, ssacp, pia, fw, black jackets, i own cp flyers special forces, second in command of cp flyers, silver surfers, red army, and uma, the rank i would like to be is a colonel( ker-n-a-ll) becuase it is the highest rank before leader and i have expiriance. in my army’s i usuallt go behind enemy territory and spy, and i usuallly have a squad of 3 with me when i go into battle. here are my ranks:

    acp- luintenent grade 2
    nacho: trooper
    rpf: luitenent, special ops
    uav: Marshal
    RETIRED from fever/watex
    iw: luitenent
    RETIRED FROM ssacp
    RITRED FROM silver surfers
    pia: spy
    blackjackets: trooper
    co leader of cp flyers
    leader of cp flyers special forces
    uma: private
    red army: it was a long time ago in ww1 of cp i think i was like 7th in command


  2. jetcp says:

    oops sorry in IW im a sergant.

  3. jetcp says:

    When i used to play runescape( i dont anymore) i was in the great clan wars its was cool, no one had rankings but they said to me “you should be like 3rd in command of this clan dude” i said “thanks”- jetcp

  4. jetcp says:

    oh and i own the good empire of club penguin http://empireofcp.wordpress.com/ is the new empire site of cp.

    wars4 comment:cool! ill check it out

  5. Mike8498 says:

    Cool Blog!

    If you want a really cool header, visit here: http://www.mike8498.wordpress.com/header-shop

    wars4 comment: omg awesome!!!!!!!! your site rocks i get almost all my cp info from your site. and thx ill check it out and maybe place an order for a header

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