the sites brand new header+ army creation and a new rank

ok guys just resently i put an order for a new header. idk if itll work. heres the info

words:squad56 awesome star wars site!

backround:flames with mini explosians with a pic of my penguin.

the words will be in like a zappy kind of fashion. l;ike electric sort of. it was the help of mike8498!thx dude! so the new header and words are part of the brand new army creation that was on the annoncments bourd. we have a rank now.



the ranks are still going on just look back to the ranks post by doing search my site on my sidebar! u can do it in my new posts but not on the ranks one or any other older post. thx guys!

may the force be with you ;):wars4            time until clone wars: starts friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my cousin is gonna see it


One Response to the sites brand new header+ army creation and a new rank

  1. vavad says:

    dimensions are the size of your header. Also, I need a picture of your penguin with no background if you can, if not then i will try to cut out your penguin with te picture you gave me. and the background that you wanted, the star wars one, can you give me a like to it? thanks

    wars4 comment: im not the best at pics so can u try to cut around it. o and the header i didint want it to be a star wars backround. the flames with the mini explosins will do. and my demension is 750 x 140 pixels. thx. and if it doesnt work out its ok.also im gonna put a pic of my penguin on a post today so maybe copy it. i dont have a likn for it. thxs!:)

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