1000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!+NEW HEADER!

1000 HITS IS ALMOST HERE SO IM HAVING A PARTY!!! i got no invitation. i just noticed my hits so i couldnt get oner. heres the info

why:1000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00T

when: augest 15,2007



time(PST): 11:00 pst

theres the info, i hope people come this time because my last 400 hits party no one came. also my header is done from peaches site!!!!!!!!!! heres her link couse she did a great job. www.peach151.wordpress.com theres the link. check her site u will see my header. i sent here my e-mail and it shouli be comeing soon! i  hope u guys come

 also, heres a pic of my header made by peach. im also gonna see the other one mike made and compare them. heres peaches header


thats the one peach made for me. vavad is working on my other one. i think it will be great, but tough to choose 😉


2 Responses to 1000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!+NEW HEADER!

  1. Jarkie says:

    whos squad 94

    wars4:god dude US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ADMINS THE STAR WARS TEAM! MUST I DRAW U A PICTURE

  2. jetcp says:

    lol “must i draw u a picture” ok wars4 its me jetcp i made u an admin on my site

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