Hackers on club penguin are coming back.

 PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE ON YOUR CLUBPENGUIN WORDPRESS.Ok   here is a mission for all of you , I need all of you to listen, Hacker’s are starting up again, here are some sighns of hackers: penguin that walk on walls, glitching penguins, waddiling but not moving, bots, and other glitches, REPORT THEM, here are the casualties so far: 11 acp banned, 2 acp banned forever because of hackers banning people. penguin who do glitches are most likly hackers. If you are going to look for them, go on a diffrent penguin because they might bann you for however long they’d like. for more details, go to http://cpflyers.wordpress.com/ the CP FLYERS WORDPRESS.


2 Responses to Hackers on club penguin are coming back.

  1. wars4 says:

    i saw LOADS OF TIMES!!!! 3 penguns are on the walls of the dance club and were saying these words

    “search club penguin HQ.” thats all i remember. also in the coffe shop a black penguin started to pop up all over the shop.

  2. jetcp says:

    yeah clubpenguin hq, is a hacking site with diffretn, glitches and hacks. They are actuallyy a very organazied proffesional site, but NOT GOOD. do not go there.

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