Star wars the force unleashed VIDEO GAME DEMO!

Hey star wars fans The new demo for the new star wars game ‘the force unleashed’ demo came out for downloading on the xbox360!! The reason the guy who you play as kills storm troopers is because there are rebel troops and a surviving jedi master on an imperial star destroyer and darth vader wants his aprentice (you) to kill everyone and leave no survivors or witnesses, darth vader doesnt want the emporer to find out what happened. The demo of the game is very cool You can destroy EVERYTHING, windows, stuff on the ceiling, explosives, people, boxes and everything else you can think of. Its challenging but its worth it. Three are alot of new force powers you have too! SPOILER if you dont want to know this spoiler for the end of the demo stop reading now SPOILER: at the end of the demo you get to destroy an at at walker, you do this combo of buttons and then you slice the at-at walker in half! along with the stormtroopers in it. thank you- JETCP


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