the new game is comeing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWESOME JETCP! noq i understand why they kill all the stormtroopers. and destroying alot of stuff fits in with the fun tab! anyway, the game is comeing in in about 2 to 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant wait  to play it. i wanna destroy stuff. its for xbox360, xboc, playstation2, playstation 3, and wii. at least i think so.i wanna play as darth vader pulling the star destoyer out of the sky! it just lands on coruscant and darth vader JUST! stands there as its comeing twords him. its amazing!!!!!!! also the graphics are in the centry finaly!!! i wanna give u a recomended game by me STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO! it is an action packed FIRST PERSON SHOOTER!!!!! and it has online game for the xbox! im getting xbox live soon! anyway, the new game will have tons of suprises and i cant wait to play it. ill give u the full rateing on rates and tips page. ALSO CHECK OUT JETCPS NEW POST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ONE-wars4;)


3 Responses to the new game is comeing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. jetcp says:

    Cool thx and republic commando is so cool i have it and they will be coming out with a #2

  2. Jarkie says:

    click on the link above to see my youtube vids

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