im back with some updates

YO YO YO!!!!!!!!! its me wars4 and im back. i havent been posting because of 7th grade and homework!!!!!!! its sooooooo annoying but im back. now the new game THE FORCE UNLEASHED! is comei8ng out very soon!!!!!!! im gonna order and give it a full review on cheat and tips! the game will be awesome smashing blasting destroying everything u can touch!!!!!!! its so amazing. the graphic look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the game has some great characters like DARTH VADER! he pulls a star destroyer out of the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vader is on corusant though. and he pulls it to the streets of corusant! the game is gonna be amazing! i might put a vid of me playing it MIGHT! im not good with the vid uploading. soooo i hope u people play it

heres a poll:

what do u think the new graphics will be?





comment your vote and ill post the winner when the pool is complete. keep checking in for the results! ALSO IM MAKEING A CONTEST!!!! thats all for now-wars4;)


4 Responses to im back with some updates

  1. jetcp says:

    i think it will e c. AMAZING!

  2. wars4 says:

    hey jarkie

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