The new Star wars tfu (the force unleashed is a very big hit! the stores were packed with star wars fans! I already beat the game, im not going to spoil it for you, because you can beat it your self but the guy you play as (starkiller) can unlock diffrent costumes/outfits! its a really cool game. You can kill everyone around you and move almost anything you want! Its really exciting! I give it 1000/1000!!!! But here is one wthing about the game that it cool: THE BUTTON COMBOS! You can do diffrent attacks like slice a walker in half, kill rencors (the monster in jabba’s palace) and even kill jedi and sith! Plus you can find diffrent lightsaber crystals! Here is an example: red lightsaber, unstable red light saber, and another  one but im not going to ruin it for you. Here is one extra thing that is really hard to find: THE BLACK LIGHTSABER CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found it on the last level. GOOD LUCK- jetcp


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