im back from vacation and with some cool updates!

hey guyz!!!!!!! its me wars4 and im back from my vacation to walt disney world in was fun. i just got star wars republic commando from and its realy cool! i found out some more great tips for the game. try to get it its a first person shooter and its uotstanding. i  love the game. so heres the tips for it:

ok so your on ANY level of republic commando and all your troops are hurt. wat u need to do is simple. go to a spot with cover, and a turrent or any sniping range. get the eneimes away from the knocked out troops. then run to the troops, heal them and then give them bacta and the enimies will still be walking twords you. get SEV AND FIXER NOT SCORCH to snip. take scorch to plant the bomb near your objective point. sev and fixer snipe better, scorch plants bombs faster and fixer slices codes faster. this is only when theres like millions of eneimes i would say on the CANYONS OF DEATH LEVEL USE IT. I ALWAYS LOSE BUT I COMPLETED IT. also snip yuor self while your troops give you cover fire.

ok now THE NEW GAME IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIVE IT!!!! IM GONNA GET IT VERY SOON! jetcp wrote a great post about it. i bet the graphics were awesome and the force attacks own!!!!!!! the black sober i want to find. i cant belive that its  the greatest game out!!!! ill give it a review also. dont forget that the tip for republic commando is on the page star wars cheat and tips!

thats all for now-wars4 (video of me playing republic commando might happen)


5 Responses to im back from vacation and with some cool updates!

  1. jetcp says:

    Jetcp- i thought you already had republic commando. I do, isnt it cool?

  2. wars4 says:

    well i did i got it again and yes its way cool!

  3. jetcp says:

    awsome! 🙂

  4. Pen says:

    heyy delta its me pen i jus wanted 2 tel u im banned from cp 4 24 hours (i didnt even do anything) soo yea i wont b on 4 awhile bt if u c vader tel him tht cuz i hvnt tlkd 2 him in 4ever so, yep! wel ttyl! byee

  5. vobanyday says:

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