Some action!

We need some more action, on here so i thought, why not show up clip? here is a preview that WAS out on just so you know ididnt record it in the theater or anything, LOL 1:42 IN THE VID, A CLONE GETS HIS HEAD,……….. blown off


One Response to Some action!

  1. jarkie says:

    hey wars its jarkie i know u haven’t heard from me in a while and i would just like to let u know im done im done with u and clank and your sites and cp im sorry im just to busy ill miss u the past year has been fun but i guess im just growing up and getting to busy i have alot of homework, family, friends, my girl friend, im gonna be in another play soon so i just wanted to say good bye I will miss you if u have a reaspones to this comment please post it i would like 2 hear from u again but i guess this is goodbye forever so see ya -Jarkie

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