Hi everyone im Jarkie you may know me from my website http://jarkie1.wordpress.com anyways im really awesome and kinda self centerd but anyways umm this is a page were i will do stuff i have a club penguin blog i usually always were The black hoodie green ball cap blue sunglasses black tie black shoes heres a pic of me
(ah im so cute)
Here is my avatar icon its a lego!

So who here likes muffins!!! heres some muffins!!!
So heres phillip the dolphin
also heres cheese
and heres blue cheese


Wall-E in cartoon form

 (made by me)

anyways thats all for now i’ll post more random stuff later Bye ~J@rkie~


5 Responses to Jarkie

  1. wars4 says:

    i like it

  2. jetcp says:

    cool i like the wall-e lol i cant draw that good so i think its cool

    wars4 comment:well thx my admin jarkie he did them hes an awesome drawer

  3. jetcp says:

    this is something serios on your blogroll thing wher eit says “sites recommended by us” can you take mine off because you put the wrong one up it brings you straight to the page where you can edit my site so can you take it off and put this on on instead: http://jetcp.wordpress.com/ (DO NOT APPROVE THIS COMMENT BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL KNOW) thanks

    wars4 comment:i just need to say that the team of this site doesnt put the sites on that box. it means wat the most people have clicked. my site is one of the top on some ppls recommened by use. ill put a link to your site 😉

  4. Jarkie says:

    If you like these go to my site i have a page just like this but with some more stuff

  5. lolmannerd says:

    hi im delta flashes frend u could say

    wars4 comment: u are. are u one of delta flash 4 or delta4949 friends.tell me witch person your friends with and then tell me your usernameso i know who u are. thx!

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