*Meet the Stars*

hi guys its me wars4 here you can learn about your favorite star wars charecter.write to me if you have any questions.these descriptions might not be right but they will explain a little about the person


 Jango Fett is a bounty hunter who lives on the planet kamino and helped start the makeing of the clone army.jango fett is a clone and the people of kamino used his dna to creat thousands of clones.He was commanded to eliminate senetor padme.then he died from a lightsaber by master mace windu.check out the movie star wars episode 2 to see jango in  action.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Anikan Skywalker -this young jedi was once a slave on tatoine when he was a little boy,he was brought to become a jedi by qui gon-jin and obi-wan kenobi.later he became older and more skillful.he still has to control his feelings and emotions and that leads to the darkside.he turns to the darkside and orders all clones to wipe out all jedi.anikan is darth vador!

Padme Amidala -padme was a senetor from naboo.she was being hunted by the bounty hunter jango fett.she was married to anikan skywalker in episode 2.then anikan alsmost killed her when he chocked her on the planet mustafar.then she died at child birth when she had luke and leia

Obiwan Kenobi -the teacher and master of anikan skywalker.his last master qui-gon jin was killed by darth maul,a sith lord.he was also sent to kill genral grevious to stop a huge war spred across the galexy.obi-wan killed him but the war did not stop until all jedi were killed by the clones!

Maser Yoda -was the person who started the jedies teachings to other ppl.he is the leader of the jedi councul and friedns with master windu.in episode 2,he almost kills count dukoo but he gaest away in a shuttle.then,he tries to kill the empire but winds up hurt.in episode 6,he dies from old age

Luke skywalker: is the son of aniken skywalker and darth vader. in episode 4, he watches as obi-wan and darth vader fight, and seeing obi-wan die:(. then, in episode 5, he confronts darth vader in the cloud city, as a trap to make luke get froozen in carbonite.Luke almost dies until he gets pucked up by lando in the end of cloud city. this is when vader tells luke he is his father.

And thats some info on the Stars of Star Wars – Wars4


4 Responses to *Meet the Stars*

  1. Jarkie says:

    I like that furry monster guy who hangs out With yoda, whats his name?

    Wars4’s comment
    his name is chewbacca or chewie for short.

  2. Jarkie says:

    oh ya chewy he is awsome!

  3. jetcp says:

    when han-solo kills greedo in episode 4 why does greedo show up in the backround again when luke and obi-wan are going to the milleniem falcon?

    wars4 comment:well, wat by ive seen, i think thats different ppl of greedos kind. and yea when han solo dodges the ayttack that was amazing!

  4. jetcp says:

    ok, thanks 🙂 and it was pretty cool the way he dodged it. FACT: they had to shoot that scene where han solo dodged greedo’s bullet they had to shoot that scene 4 times!

    wars4 comment:wow 4 times!!!! that must be alot!!!!!

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