Star Wars Games and Tips!

Hey Guys here some Star Wars games and some tips about them!

GAME RATEINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                              

star wars:republic commando for xbox gets 4 stars for awsome graphic and online play

                                                                                                                                                        star wars battelfront for ps2 gets 4 stars for an amazing storyline of the serise and for great quick play and online play

star wars:empier at war gets a 5 because of the amazing graphic and an awsome r.p.g and the command based missions are awesome

star wars battelfront2 gets a 5 because the game offers you to be a jedi and slash your opponint to death it also lets yo go into space and fight in a space battel this game is awsome compared to the first one

star wars bounty hunter gets a 5because it has great graphics,story line,and adveture this game is for the ps2

NEW:star ars obi-wan for xbox gets a 4 because of the great roll play and voice play also for a cool story line but it lacks graphic and its a little hard to work the controls but this game is awsome it takes obi wans life and explains it throught the game.

NEW:star wars episode 3 the game for  xbox gets a 4 because it has awsome storyplay of episode three and it has great voice acting but i would recomend this game for people who like chalenges.its not for me.

be sure to check out more game rates check these games out

                                       GAMEING UPDATE

remember to get star wars the force unleashed for action packed fun this game is for systems ps2,xbox,xbox360,and i think ps3 i saw a video and it was amazing i was speechless check it out this summer

star wars empire at war for th p.c is a great game four all teams republic rebelion empire and droids and the landscape is amazing i can tell you its a adventures game 

star wars republic commando is one of the best action star wars games on the market today with its awsome graphics and voice play its a must have game.its a first person shoter so it makes it extra fun plus if you have online play you can battle with other people form across the globe!!!! awsome right?

ok i have great news!!!! i found out when star wars the force unleashed is comeing out.u might not be to happy about it,its comeing out september all of u might have to wait a FULL summer until it gets relesed.heres a link to order it but u have to sighn into the site.  ill have the n news on my home page and here when it comes out

                                                             CHEAT!!!!! AND TIPS!!!!!!

hello people im here to help you get pased any level in star wars battel front2 ok so your a jedi now the first thing you need to do is run infront of the other troops so no one gets killed its like protecting them slash at the oppnints in front of you so you dont have that much to deal with see you have a full team and the other team has about 45 or 34 men left check out more tips right here ill post one this friday check it out

hey guys its me and guess what?theres a knew tip out here it is this is for star wars battlefront2 the best team to pick for the game is the droids  and empire there realy good and there attacks are strong.the best team to use for destroying huge objects such as ships or speeders are the republic because there heavy weapons are powerfull and hard packed.last the best team for destroying enimies are the republic,if your fighting droids get a jet trooper and fire your emp launcher at a bunch of droids that gunn is very affective!!!!!thats it till then see ya.

ok guys i have a new tip for u.its for republic commando.ok sowat u have to to is send ur squad to take cover fire.u can do the work u need to do while there shooting enimies.send in a sniper to help u if ur a long distance and use some cover fire.fro the escape for geonosis lvl,u need to operate ur troops carefully.send two troops to sniper position and one troop to follow u for cover fire.then when u get to the objective point,send one troop with u and u will have 2 troops on ur squad and one on sniper.then when ur in the star ship,get ur sniper ur in the ship u will encounter a spider droid.pit one troop on high groudg and two troops behind a wall for cover fire.u stand near the persone thats on higher ground.well thats that for this tip.if u have a question about it comment me and ill answer it.

ok so your on ANY level of republic commando and all your troops are hurt. wat u need to do is simple. go to a spot with cover, and a turrent or any sniping range. get the eneimes away from the knocked out troops. then run to the troops, heal them and then give them bacta and the enimies will still be walking twords you. get SEV AND FIXER NOT SCORCH to snip. take scorch to plant the bomb near your objective point. sev and fixer snipe better, scorch plants bombs faster and fixer slices codes faster. this is only when theres like millions of eneimes i would say on the CANYONS OF DEATH LEVEL USE IT. I ALWAYS LOSE BUT I COMPLETED IT. also snip yuor self while your troops give you cover fire.

see updates on games here in the archives i will post new news on games and maybe some info about levels and cheats on how to win see you then

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3 Responses to Star Wars Games and Tips!

  1. jetcp says:

    does “star wars the force unleashed” come out spetember 11th? i think it does but i need to make sure.

  2. wars4 says:

    yea it comes out september 11

  3. jetcp says:

    wait, i think its the 16th not 11th idk ill look it up

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