In a Galaxy Far Far Away



        hey guys here you can learn about some of the movies i will post one up on tuesday keep ab eye out!!!!!!! oh and i also want to thank my cousin austin for helping me wwith ideas you rock austin!!!!!!                                       


hey guys im here to tell you a summery about star wars episode 2 well it begins when padme (senetor) is being assasinated by vice goes to find the killer and anikan is protecting padme on nabo padma’s there at nabo,the fall in love,but obi-wan has different hes at kamino to find the killer he goes to see the clone troops that are being made there.then he sees jango fett and knows hes the killer he tries to kill him,but he gets away.they fight in an astroid feild and then land on a planet called geonosis.there a huge war begins with troops droids and jedi!

thats it be sure to check out this movie on dvd see ya! 

hey guys im here again to give you a summery of episode 3 well it takes place when anikan and obi-wan set off in a huge space battel to save the chancelor from count dukoo then as they bord the ship,they get caught in this elevator that wont stop its epic after that they see the chanceor and also see dukoo and begin to fight dukoo force pushes obi-wan and he is hurt and then anikan kills dukoo and gets the chancelor.then they confrind general grevious and begin to fight he gets out of the ship and the two jedi land safely.than anikan and padme meet and padme tells anikan shes pregnint.anikan is stuned. thanobi-wan stes of o find genral grevious and he did as thiier fighting theres a huge war and than the whole galexy is at kills grevious but the war does not stop. at that point anikan turns to the dark side and orders clones to kill all jedi. yoda and obi-wan are left they survive but all other jedi killed.than obi-wan and anikan fight and obi-wan wins.lthe chancelor who is reaky a sith lord comes to get anikan and becomes darth vader.after that padme has the babies but she dies.

thats it pretty long also check out this movie on dvd see ya!!!

                    MOVIE POLL!!!!!!!!! 

whos your favorite charecter

obi-wan kenobie


darth vader

comment me and tell me what you think and i will post the winner here!!!     

hello viewers,just to let u know,when the movie star wars clone wars comes out in theaters agust 13, ill have the summery of it here so ppl who did not see it can take a glimps of wat its about here, also maybe in september or october,they will ahev the movie on you tube.

             ok guys, we have a winner for the summery sweepstakes. this person wrote an amazing story and here it is:

                            by: SKYWALKERISMYDADDY                                                     

Veiled in darkness, Jacen Solo stood alone.

Suddenly the familiar snap-hiss of his lightsaber reverberated throughout the walls and the incandescent glow of his lightsaber masked the unbecoming pallor of his eyes. He had been here before, he swore under his breath, he could feel the familiarity under his boots.

He tightened his grip, which proved difficult as his clammy fingers tips could hardly latch themselves tightly beneath his ebony gloves. As he had been doing since his indoctrination into the Sith, Jacen donned his black cloth attire- each garment sticking pliably to his damp skin.

Maybe not exactly him he felt now, as the sensation slowly waned… but someone he knew closely.


The whisper came almost inaudibly from the walls. Jacen instantly spun, but saw nothing distinct. Yes, now he remembered, this was the same cave that Luke once spoke to him about, the Dagobah cave. It was another childhood memory, somewhat merged with the other notable thoughts and tales the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa would of course be privy to.

He took a moment to regard his childhood; his penchant for animals, for coyness, for finding joy in the jocular spirit of individuals- fond memories, but clearly lacking in reality. Had he been pressed with the same plights he felt this moment, with the same weight of balancing the good and evil in the galaxy, Jacen felt assured he would not have been so light humored. And he could not resist chuckling at the thought.

The cave was wrought with Dark Side energies as Luke had explained; he remembered being admonished from visiting as a child. It was incredible the sheer magnitude of power within these walls, this Dark Side spectacle, something Jacen thought he might really enjoy.

Since he had decided that the traditional path of a Jedi would always fall short of bringing true peace to the galaxy, Jacen realized the only way he could ensure accord to the scattered entities of the galaxy, and more specifically his beloved daughter Allana and lover Tenel Ka, was to immerse himself in both the Light and Dark sides of the force. But by doing so he knew, inevitably, that he would become a Sith lord.

Instantly a figure emerged from the depths of darkness, and his fingers turned an erubescent red across the hilt of his lightsaber. Slowly and subtly minaciously, a cloaked figure advanced. As it came into Jacen’s line of sight nothing but shadowy fragments could be seen.

He mocked the shadow with typical aplomb assurance. The shadow sought him in the Force; Jacen could feel it searching for his fear and anger… only to come up empty. Then as if the encumbrance of the shadow had simply been whisked away with the simple gesture of a hand, Darth Vader’s pale sable helmet and glimmering eyes emerged.

“You’ve thought about me a lot Jacen.”

“Yes, I have. I have thought about how our paths in the Force are intersecting right now, how it feels so right. And I thought… we would never get to meet grandfather.”

“You… don’t know the consequences of what you’re getting yourself into.”

“I know more than you think,” Jacen rebuked with a faint touch of apprehension in his voice, “There is no other way, I have realized, to bring the peace and stability to the galaxy that our family has struggled in achieving since your time.”

Vader paused, almost as if he was searching for the right words. Then abruptly removed his helmet from his suit, and rather than the decaying and scarred face Jacen thought he would encounter, there was the face of a young Anakin Skywalker, several years younger than Jacen. A scar traced across his right brow, but otherwise handsome. Anakin then began placing the helmet over Jacen’s head, something Jacen, in his enraptured state, did not think about resisting.

As he secured the helmet around his face images raced through his mind… a Tusken Raiders camp, the slaughtered body of a fragile and memorable lady, an old Jedi Master with long hair and a fierce grin… and a delicately beautiful woman reaching out to him, instantly he could feel her touch, the warmth of her skin as he enveloped her within his, her aroma was so warm, the faint touch of her lips so tender… and suddenly the woman disappeared. In her stead stood the feeling of loss, horrible, excruciating loss… and suddenly he understood.

“No grandfather, this isn’t about me. This isn’t about my child or my lover. This is about every single person I have never cared about in my life. Don’t you see how selfless I’m being? I am doing this for the good of the galaxy, I don’t care what happens to me or the people I love. I am completely different from you, I will sacrifice anything.

Anakin stood motionless, and silent.

And as if carried by a breeze, an old, old voice soughed in, “And that is why you fail.”


6 Responses to In a Galaxy Far Far Away

  1. clank35 says:

    Darth Vader is my vote!

  2. Jarkie says:

    i like obi wan kanobi he rocks!!! oh and yoda ausome he is

  3. Hi I love your site Wars its awesome i love Star Wars, Is Empire at War isnt it realy awesome?

    wars4’s comment
    thanks um i have’nt played star wars empire at war yet but ill order it and tell you how it is.

  4. ichigo460 says:

    Ya kewl i like it. I tell ya im a star wars fan myself! yep your site is kewl withda whole star wars theme and all. Well see ya

    Wars4 comment: thanks dude i like your site too.

  5. jetcp says:

    cool site! and is there going to be a: star wars republic commando 2?????

    wars4 comment:i dont know if there is gonna be republic coimmando 2: but the first one had awesolme graphics. sometime si wich iu was a commando. but if there was a second 1, it waould be maybe set as a stormtrooper now.

  6. jetcp says:

    That would be awsome if it was a stormtrooper i have the books on starwars and i know 1 thing for sure, the commandos(delta and omega squad) dont follow order 66 from the emporer and they dont die even though clones age is exelerated they found cure and it turns out boba fett(as you saw in episode 2 he wasnt a clone becuase jango got him) boba fett begins to age faster and turns out he is a clone.
    P.S.( just thought i would give you some news 🙂 )

    wars4 comment:awesome!!!!!!! at least those squads stayed loyal. i think one of the squades stayed on kamino gaurding the place to make the clones. its sad they died :(. yea he did. aloso, maybe he wanted to carry on his fathers job as a bounty hunter. hes also one of jabba the huts smugglers.

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