The Star Wars Worlds

Hey guys this is a post where you can look at some of the planets in the Star Wars world and learn all about them here I will post knew ones every week so keep a sharp eye.



This planet is where the jedi train and learn how to become a jedi knight this planet is a huge city like planet for homes to many creatures.this is the home of the jedi order and the republic.                                                                                                                                                             


A wild life planet filled with forest and grassey fields.this is were padme amidala was born and where she was elected queen.a very naturefull planet

PLANET POLL!!!!!!!!!!!

whats your fav planet






were the secret reble base is.the rebels hide out there and send transports to the safe spot on another planet.the empire finds out the rebles are there and it turns into a huge!!!!! battle field.the rebles lose but some rebles manage to escape and go to the safe point


the birthplace of the clones.this planet is were the clones were created and were jango fett made his son.bobba comes there to track down boba fett and learns a secret from the prim useally rains there and no war was formed.


this planet is most cool,this is were anikan skywalker fought obi wan and almost killed padme.this is the planet were anikan was sent to kill all ssenetors of the trade federation and more.he was also sent here to control the mineing facilities to gain power from the lava and control the planet!


this is were luke skywalker grew up.he lived with his ant peru and uncle,he founded c-3po and R2 D2.he also meet han solo and chewbacca at the bar in the city of mos eisly.this is the place were anikan skywalker was little and meet padme qui-gon-jinn and obi-wan kenobi (when he was a padewan)



the planet were master yoda flew too after the fight on kasheeyk in episode3. there, he met luke skywalker band began to train episode 6, he dies of old age in his house on the planet. he turns into a ghost like obi-wan. luke first met him when he crashed onto the planet. yoda never reveled himself until later, when there in yoda’s house. yoda also refuses to train luke. but obi-wan convinces him! 



3 Responses to The Star Wars Worlds

  1. jetcp says:

    I think my favorite planet would be ziost,- ziost is the homeworld of all the sith and dark jedi, it has a green surface, ruins, and sith ships that are ‘alive’ and control them by thinking to them, ziost also has ship yards, anciant lightsabers(silver, yellow, purple blades) and luke skywalkers son, ben kywalker visits there.

  2. Naboo would have to be my favorite. I love the lush
    ecosystem there! Big fan of Padme’ too!

  3. So many thanks for sharing useful and fascinating stuff. I’m looking forward to many more posts!!!

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