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Hello eveyone im Wars4 and im a huge fan of star wars you can write to me,ask questions about the movies,see and print pictures,and see game ratings and updates.


Hey guys its me again Wars4, I just want to tell you a little bit about me, first i love cars and i have a good sence of hobbies are basketball football and hangin with my favorite game is club penguin and my favorite animal is dog.well thats it maybe we have something in commen

brand new page cheack out rate our cool site!!!!                    

brand new header made by peach151

1000 hits party  tomorrw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check invite


new gameing updates and tips at star wars games and tips!!!  


brand NEW POLL!!!if u would be a jedi wat person would u be?

1:plo koon

2:mace windu

3:master yoda

write tome wat jedi u would be and ill post the winning jedi here.      

the winner of last weeks poll,whats your fav star warsteam,is the republic!!




hey guys guess what im posting a huge sweepstakes and the best summery  i get to read will be posted on my sight in a galexy far far away….. with there name for the whole site to see

now this is the directions any star wars movie and then write to me a summery or description of the movie on my site here on the word

2.send me your screen name on the comment and if you win,i will post yours on my sight with your name in bold letters!

good luck!!!!!



ok sorry about not being here aloy often my site will be updated with brand new posts and news i have a great news too check my home page

 Any comments??? – Wars4


10 Responses to Site News!

  1. Clank35 says:

    I like episode 3 the best!

  2. Jarkie says:

    Ya episode 3 is the newest and best one

    Wars4’s comment
    cool thanks for your vote now episode 3 has two votes

  3. Shlopp990 says:

    hi Wars4 i love your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im a big fan of star wars too! p.s. I love the pictures!!!!!!!!!

    thanks soo much come visit again soon

  4. Jarkie says:

    what is your favorite episode wars?

    Wars4’s comment
    I love episode two it has alot of action!

  5. DITO 678 says:


    Wars4 comment: well its pretty hard making it but im happy hat u love it thanks a ton!

  6. jetcp says:

    @w$om3 i have a question when you see the green command-post isn’t that from battlefront 1?(just curios)

    wars4 comment: yes it is. but i think the origanel is best o have u played star wars batttle front, renegade squadren. its bad. but yea the green command post is from battlefron 2

  7. wars4 says:

    i mean 1 the green post is from battlefron 1 🙂

  8. lolmannerd says:

    ur website is omg awsome

    WARS4 COMMENT:no way thx!!! cpme viait again real soon 😉 o i l;oves episode 2 also!

  9. lolmannerd says:

    im am a huge star warz fan lol i like episode 2 best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-_-

    wars4 comment: omg awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same here. star warz rocks!

  10. jetcp says:

    i got the new clone wars action figures and lego sets. 🙂 check them out, (dont buy off ebay the figures are $6.99 but on abay people sell them for like $10.00 or more)

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