Hey guys its me Wars4 here you can see some awsome pics of mager battles and wars spread across the galexy. I will inform you on info about the a war or battle and tell you how a battle started hope you like it.


the battle of geonosis was a huge battle.obi-wan,anikan.and padme was sent to be exucuted but then master windu came with a bunch of jedi.iy was huge the droids fought the jedi in an epic battel than when the jedi were cornerd master yoda arrives with a bunch of clones in gunships then its a war after that theres a bigger war outside the arena its huge rockets,missiles,and explosions surround the war like planet.a war with 200 jedi,droids,and clones!!!!!.



 the battle of mygeto was big!! mygeto is a planet were the droids get there energy and power from. master ki-adi-mundi sent in some clones to destroy the main power generator.then qhen the droids found out, they were sent to destroy the clones in a huge war!!!! its mostly over a huge bridge with turrents all around. theres rubble and snow falling in the air everywere u go!


                                      THE BATTLE OF UTAPOU

ok, so the battle of utapou started when master kenobie went there to kill gernerel grevious and stop the wasr around the galexy. he has ordered a huge garison of troops to attack when ready. so they did. when obie wan was just about to get killed, the clones jumped down and started fireing everywere!!! obi-wan killed grevious but the war continued. as master kinobe went a different way on a mountin, he got blasted and fell into water. the blast was from the clones. after that every jedi that was with clones were killed and the empire ruled the galexy.

              BATTLE OF TANTIVE IV

this battle was pretty big. in the beggining of episode 4.. princess leia was sent on a diplomatic mission to her planet of alderan.on there way, they were under attack by a huge star destroyer. when that big ship finaly cought them, the rebel troops began to take their positions. as the stormtroopers cut through the dor, the battle began.c-3po and r2-d2 were on the ship. r2 was with princess lei and the princess put a message for her “adopted” father on alderan. she though that the droids would go to alderan and deliver the message. imstead they delivered it to obi-wan. but leia was cought…………………


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